DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition has been touring European and U.S. museums since 2011. The exhibition provides urgency and a contemporary focus to the worldwide movement against racial injustice in which DIGNITY continues to play an important part. Please see the exhibition proposal below with links to the 60 images, documentary film, press, and excerpt to the award-winning DIGNITY book. 

In 2013, Gluckstein addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on how art can impact the state of the world.  The exhibition and associated book, DIGNITY: In Honor of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, have received extensive international media coverage such as Boston Globe, CNN, New York Times, PBS, and Vanity Fair.


DIGNITY captures the fleeting period of world history where traditional and contemporary cultures collide. The art links museum historical collections to the present day.  The images invite visitors to explore themes such as diversity, global interconnectedness, cultural renaissance, social justice, and sustainability.  The exhibition creates opportunities for interdisciplinary and multi-cultural programming, and class field trips for all ages.  

We are booking the exhibition through 2025. For booking information please contact info@danagluckstein.com.

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